Your Member Assistance Program (MAP)

The MAP is a confidential service designed to help members achieve their health and wellness goals. Lawyers, paralegals, law students, judges, other legal professionals and their families covered by the MAP are provided with confidential, single sign-on access to a number of innovative online services. Members can find information, tools and resources on a number of topics including but not limited to: psychological challenges; marital/relationship challenges; separation/divorce; stress; depression; and anxiety. Members also have access to a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment, can take a number of self-directed e-Courses and download a wealth of wellness-related MP3s from the Health-e Multimedia Centre. Register here to gain access, or log in now to continue into the Member Services Area.

The MAP Resource Library for Legal Professionals

About Member Services

Questions about the specific services covered in the benefit program offered by your employer can be answered by contacting us at 1.855.403.8922. Some services may or may not be covered in your benefit program at this time.

Our member services include the following:


MAP members can receive confidential counselling in-person, by telephone, or online. Homewood Health™ provides two options for secure and private online counselling. Private Conversations e-Counselling (email-type counselling) provides the opportunity to communicate with a counsellor via confidential exchanges, similar to email exchanges. Chat e-Counselling (simultaneous chat) allows for "real time", one-on-one interaction with a counsellor in a private online chat room environment.

If you are interested in starting with e-counselling, you must first complete your registration on our Member Services area by registering here. Or, call us at 1.855.403.8922.

Health and Wellness Companion

The Health and Wellness Companion is a comprehensive self-guided, self-development program that is designed to provide you with a personal plan of action. By participating in a series of Health Risk Assessments you will have the opportunity to: evaluate your health, get a better understanding of your health risk factors, and create a personal health improvement program.

Health Library

The Health Library is a comprehensive library of articles and other resources written by qualified experts in their subject field.  It includes information designed to improve health and wellness, and assists individuals in improving their personal and work-life balance.

Childcare/Eldercare Resource Locators

Childcare and Eldercare locators provide information about personal and family care providers in Canada, allowing for a customized search for childcare or eldercare resources.  This service can be used to generate customized online reports with in-depth service descriptions, and provides instant access to quality checklists, financial aid information, advice, and more.

Interactive e-Learning Courses

Homewood Health™ e-Learning provides self-paced, private, and personalized learning experiences designed to improve personal health and well-being and/or workplace effectiveness. A variety of courses are available, focusing on health and wellness and a wide range of life skills.

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